Vouchermatic: A Voucher Management System

Our Voucher Management System (VMS) – Vouchermatic is a stand alone system that helps to efficiently manage end-to-end life cycle of e-vouchers and physical vouchers.

We have developed Vouchermatic keeping in mind the varied needs of organisations, thus making it flexible enough to be integrated with your existing CRM/accounts systems.

Who can use Vouchermatic?

  • Retailers
  • E-commerce platforms

Benefits of using a Voucher Management System

  • New Customers

    “Pull in business” with vouchers and coupons marketing and expand your market area

  • Enhanced Loyalty

    Give your old customers a good reason to shop from you ‘again’ with vouchers and coupons , resulting in increased loyalty

  • Increased Sales

    Vouchers encourage customers to browse more products resulting in increased cart size

  • Reduced Costs

    Carry out voucher and coupon marketing campaigns across all channels in a cost effective way


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