Product Information Management For Omni Channel Retailing

  • Collaborative Master Data
  • Web wide access
  • Ease of integration & collaboration
  • Speed Time to Market

What is OmniPim?

OmniPIM is a product Information Management System for omni channel retailing which centralizes and harmonizes all marketing and technical information of products

Why OmniPim?


the omni-channel game


productivity for master data management


to other countries & markets


easily with globally distributed suppliers


Who will benefit


who value and want to win the omni channel game


who want to improve productivity for master data management

 Operation Managers

who manage globally distributed suppliers


wanting to expand to other countries


who know that accurate & complete product information helps to speedup creative processes and decrease time to market.

 E-commerce managers

managers who understands the impact of engaging & accurate product information on online selling

 Collaborative Master Data

Build your master data collaboratively and create a central repository for all product information

 Web-wide access

Detailed Product Information is accessible to all internal and external parties via APIs

 Ease of integration

Connect anything including social media

 Speed Time to Market

Build your master data collaboratively and create a central repository for all product information

Key Features

Collaborative Data Collection Saves product data in a media-neutral manner, so it can be used for virtually any purpose

Responsive and from any device

Bulk edits Mass updating feature

Bulk Rich data: Collect and distribute data in any form-Videos, images, audio & textedits Mass updating feature

Social Data: Collect customer ratings, reviews, comments and behaviour, and use them in other areas of the retail business.

Open API: connect OmniPim to your ecommerce/ERP for seamless product information transfer

Easy UI: Intutive and easy user interface

Analytics: Advanced reporting and auditing features

Saas and On-premise

How does it work


Collaboratively Collect data from sources such as ERP, suppliers, media servers etc and in any form such as images, videos, text etc


Modify, enrich & enhance the data as per your requirement


Export data to different channels or spread it to multiple channels like ecommerce, mobile, POS etc

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