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We create solutions that transform your business.

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    We are a Singapore based business technology company offering an extensive spectrum of technology solutions and services that transform our customers’ business. To put it simply, we help in improving top line, bottom line, productivity, customer service and market share for our clients. With an in-depth experience of retail domain, we understand the pain points our customers are facing and opportunities that they are missing. Harnessing this expertise of retail domain, management science, IT & communication we help come up with solutions for our customers that improve overall business efficiency & productivity. With immense focus on quality we follow the “CMMI level 5” processes and strive to achieve outstanding results that have a sustainable positive impact on our customer’s business.


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Our Team


We have a blend of experienced and young professionals bringing mature solutions using emerging technologies.


Our team’s cumulative experience exceeds 100 man years in providing technology solutions & services.

Fast Track

To fast track our solutions, we supplement our Singapore delivery centre with a centre in India.


smes go digital
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Singapore SME’s Urged to “Go Digital”

 “SMEs Go Digital” – A workshop conducted by Mr. Prem Prakash of Inspire Pte Ltd in collaboration with SICCI on 18th July 2017 with an objective to share actionable insights on digitalisation today. Prem PrakashPrem Prakash (BE,MBA, CMA, PMP) Prem is the CEO of Inspire Pte Ltd and Inventrik Pte Ltd. He has over 40 […]

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Understanding Elements Of A Retail Voucher

A Retail voucher or coupon has three core elements namely; value/advantage, expiry date and conditions  Value or advantage A good voucher will give the consumer a good value that entices him or her to use it. The value is often a discount or cash reward. If you have your consumers shopping data, you can customize the value to […]

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Benefits Of Voucher & Gift Card System For Small Business

People love to save money regardless of how small the saving is. This is one of the reasons why vouchers have gained immense popularity across the globe. Shoppers use shopping coupons, gift cards and online voucher codes on a regular basis to save a few bucks. Retailers have noticed the consumers’ love for coupons, vouchers […]

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Why Do Companies Need an ERP System?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is business process management software that makes it possible for an organization to use a system of integrated applications in the management of the business as well as the automation of several back office functions that pertain to technology, human resources and services. Neha LadMore Posts – Website

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