Lessons to Learn from Singhealth Cyber Attack & Steps for Prevention

Singhealth Cyber attack

A data breach of this scale impedes public trust in the organisation. In light of the attack last month, hospitals and large organisations have stepped up their cyber security measures.

Data breaches are not new; there are many steps that can be taken to protect and secure your data.

So what can be done to prevent data breach in your organisation?

  • Up to date security software

Ensure your systems and softwares are updated and patched regularly to steer clear of any loop holes for hackers to exploit.

  • Restrict Internet Access

If your organisation manages data in millions, especially sensitive personal data of your customers, then restricting the use of internet within the premises is one effective way of keeping the hackers out.

  • Regular Monitoring

Put processes and software in place to monitor irregularities and malicious activity.

  • Third Party Evaluations

Regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessment using third party tools/services are effective ways of keeping your systems secure


  • Involve Employees

Regular training should be provided for employees on how to encrypt data, generate strong passwords, how to properly file and store data etc.