5 Easy Marketing Tips for Digital Vouchers & Coupons

digital vouchers

Retailers use a variety of strategies to increase product sales and footfall into their stores. Physical vouchers offer a great way to pull in more customers. With the ownership of smartphones being on the rise, e-vouchers can now help more than ever before to turn occasional shoppers into loyal consumers. The best thing is that unlike the physical vouchers, the digital ones are easy to trace, can be distributed through multiple channels, and will reduce the abandonment of shopping carts. This post looks at 5 ways you can use e-vouchers to pull in more customers and increase sales.

 1. Social media

The social media offers the easiest way to track and spread digital vouchers. The best thing about this option is that social media makes it easier for consumers to share. Studies show that 28% of consumers will share great deals with their friends on social media platforms. This will give you more brand visibility. When using the social media, you should consider the lucky draw campaign. With this strategy, you offer Liker’s/followers an entry into a lucky draw where they stand to win free shopping or discount vouchers or codes. For this strategy to work smoothly, you need to show the gift card amount, give away multiple gift cards and also have a follow-up strategy.

2. EDM

Using Electronic Direct Mail is yet another great method you can use to distribute vouchers. You can send out EDMs with unique discount vouchers for offline & codes for ecommerce to your most loyal customer base. Doing this will keep your brand in the minds of your customers and compel them to do impulse buying with you since they will get some savings from the deal. The beauty of EDM is that you will know how many people opened your email, where in the world they are based and how many of them took action. EDM offers one of the best ways of calculating return on investment.

3.  Refer a friend

Encouraging referrals is still one of the best methods you can use to pull in more business. A great way of encouraging this is by offering a gift to customers who refer someone to your business. You can offer them a shopping voucher in return.

 4. Product specific vouchers

Do you want to draw attention to a new product in your catalogue? One way of doing this is by offering product specific vouchers. These are digital vouchers that can only be used on specific products. The beauty of this strategy is that it will create product awareness and increase sales on the specific item. Target the low selling products.

5. Increase cart value

You can use e-vouchers to increase the average order value and revenue. You do this by offering cash back in the form of vouchers. In order for you to increase sales, there should be a minimum spend that the shopper has to achieve in order to qualify for the voucher.

To summarize, voucher marketing can be carried in many ways. You need to find out which of the aforementioned strategies will work best for your business.


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