QR Code Menu & Mobile Ordering system

Introduce your menu to your customers in a complete contactless way using  NEW GENERATION QR CODE MENU & ORDERING SYSTEM.
We have developed IN-MENU -a system for Hawkers, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

New-age Smart QR code menu



With a new-age smart QR code on each table, we make it easy for your customers to browse through the menu and place their orders.


The QR code is dynamic, so even when you change the menu details daily – example pricing,  adding new items etc. the QR code will remain the same.


Features To Help you Get More Productive

Always uptaded

With digital QR code menu, ensure that your menu stays updated always!

Save time

With no physical menus to be handed out, your waiters can save time.

Faster Orders

With customers being able to view the full menu from their mobile phones they do not need to wait for the waiters and can decide what to order quickly!


Due to COVID it is a must to avoid contact with objects (such as paper menus) for a safe experience


Benefits of Digitalising Your Restaurant Menu

You need not be tech-savvy in this day and age to know how to navigate and order through a digital restaurant menu. In fact, a digital menu can be a convenient, efficient, and seamless substitute for traditional printed menus....

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